The Best Places to Visit in Perth

Australia is one of the first choices of tourists and those who love to explore. Be it a local or an international travelling lover, their first stop is always this Great Southern Land, Australia. Out of the many visit-worthy places in Australia, one of them is its sunniest city, called Perth. It is located on Australia’s west coast and the liveable city is equipped with mesmerizing beaches, world-renowned and epic wineries, Paradise Island and amazing food. Perth is known for producing a comfortable amalgam of modern sophistication and a laid-back lifestyle. Here are some of the best places to visit in Perth. 

1. Swan Valley

Swan Valley lies on the northern side of Perth and the Swan River. Away from the fast life of the city, it is a place known for its natural beauty and fresh produce. Being one of the oldest wine regions of Western Australia, Swan Valley is the perfect location for wine lovers, to bag some unique and rich bottles of wine. You can cover the most beautiful places of Swan Valley by either taking a tour or renting a vehicle. You will feel the calm and freshness in the air. Apart from the world-renowned wineries, this valley offers some of the best historical buildings, walking trials, and diverse cuisines.

2. The Perth Mint

The Perth Mint

The Perth Mint is a branch of Britain Royal Mint and one of the oldest gold mints of the world. You are in for a treat, when crossing the iron gates at the entrance; equipped with the best collection of gold bars. You can also have a look at the biggest coin, which is made of pure gold and is worth about 50 million dollars. One can also visit the insides of the melting house and see the whole process of gold bars being melted from the scratch. The Perth Mint is not less than a visual treat for alchemists. 

3. Perth Zoo

Perth Zoo

Located at the banks of the mesmerizing Sean River in the South, Perth Zoo is the perfect place for a nice and lovely family outing. The Zoo is known for its natural and calm ambiance, lush gardens and astounding display of wildlife from all over the world. There are different varieties of animals, including African, Asian, South American, Australian and many more. In order to have a better look at the breathtaking beauty of these animals, the Zoo also offers a variety of tours, including Rhinoceros Tours, Elephant Walk, and Zebra Car Tour etc. 

4. Aquarium of Western Australia 

Having the longest underwater tunnel in Australia, 98 meters long in length; the Aquarium of Western Australia is one of the best places, to have a good time with your family. Watching stingrays, sharks, fishes and turtles swim above and beside you is indeed a magical experience. Informative displays of the Aquarium teach you all there is to know, about everything, from saltwater crocodiles to leafy sea dragons and a variety of rock lobsters. Entertaining almost 400 animal species, a visit to this aquarium is as much educational as it is entertaining. 

5. Bell Tower

Bell Tower

Overlooking the Swan River, the Bell Tower is one of the most unique and iconic designs in the city of Perth. This spaceship shaped Bell Tower also houses a large number of historic bells. They still ring out, even after centuries, for people to hear. You can enjoy breathtaking views of the city from the top of the tower. It is designed by local architects. The giant steel columns and the glass-clad structures are widely applauded as a success, due to the investment that the tower has brought to the area of Riverside. 

6. Penguin Island

Lying off the cost of Rockingham to the Southern Perth, Penguin Island took its name, because of the cute and minute critters that embrace its headlands, cliffs and beaches. Most of the visitors simply take a ferry to the Penguin Island, or you can even walk towards the beautiful place. The island is also famous for its cute colony of penguins that are almost 1200 in number. Taking a barefoot walk along its walkways and boardwalks can also be a lifetime experience; witnessing magnificent views of ocean. 

7. Kings Park & Botanic Garden 

A territory right in the center of city, Kings Park is a wonderland, with beautiful, natural, awe-inspiring bushland and fresh green grasses lying next to its botanical garden. There are a lot of cycling paths, walk trails, picnic areas and playgrounds around the park; making it one of the best fun outdoor destinations. One of its highlights, the spectacular Botanic Garden is a house of over 2000 different types of local flora. 

8. Elizabeth Quay

Named after Queen Elizabeth, this magnificent redevelopment project shines on the banks of Swan River, and is just a 10 minute walk away from Perth’s CBD. Besides the world class architecture, the Quay also offers one of the best waterfront cafes and restaurants, and hosts different festivals and cultural events. Being at the heart of the city, a lot of buses, trains and ferries pass through it, and people get to witness its beauty on daily basis; thus making it a transport hub. 

9. Cottesloe Beach

Cottesloe is one of the most popular beaches of Perth. The beach is broadened by an ocean way that separates its sand from the suburb of Perth behind it. It is one of the best places to have a nice swimming experience. Those who love surfing and snorkeling, are also in for a delight. If you ever get bored of laying down on the beach and gazing out over the vast ocean, there are a lot of bars, cafes and restaurants, for you to have a nice time pass. The beach is also blessed with one of the most ethereal sunsets in the city. It is recommended to witness this beauty, before heading back to the city. 

10. Adventure World

Adventure World is one of the best places to visit in Perth. The excellent and nerve-wracking rides will have you on the edge of your seat. There are also a number of other attractions; amusing kids as well as adults. This beauty is located at a distance of 18km from Perth. There are also a number of exciting water rides that you can take. However, the park is closed during the winter season; so make sure to plan this trip during summers or any other season.

Is It Called Perth, Or Heaven on Earth

Whenever you feel like visiting a place to forget about this fast paced world for a while, do not forget to embrace the best of both worlds in the scenic Australian city of Perth. The place is beautifully equipped with soft-sand beaches, charted street art and creative restaurants. There are tons of places you can visit in Perth; from mesmerizing beaches to breathtaking historical buildings, aesthetic architecture to diverse wildlife, western suburbs to lovely waterfronts and different amusement parks. Pack your bags now, and have a time of your life at one of the warmest cities; waiting to embrace you in its warm arms.