What You Can Do When Visiting Perth

The city bordering along the banks of the Swan River is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful Australian cities, which is famous for its creative street art, amazing nightlife, great local food, and beautiful views. Yes, we are talking about Perth! 

Perth has constantly wonderful weather, refreshing beaches on the Indian Ocean, and the beautiful Swan River. Perth is an excellent place for water enthusiasts as they can participate in several activities like cruising, surfing, boating, fishing, swimming, snorkeling, etc. 

The capital city of Western Australia is the perfect combination of natural beauty and urban style, which is why it is so popular among tourists from all over the world. 

In this article, we will be helping you find the best tourist hotspots and places that are worth visiting on the grounds of Perth. So, gear up and get ready to be blown away by the beauty and magnificence of Perth and its popular tourist spots. 

Top Tourist Hotspots and Activities in Perth

1. Swan River 

Perth lies on the banks of the stunning Swan River, which is known to be one of the oldest rivers. The calm and composed river separates downtown Perth from its southern suburbs. The magnificent river also offers a breathtaking view of the city and makes a great pair with the skyline of the city.

There are dual paths around the river that allows you to walk, run, ride, or skate and enjoy the incredible view of the river at the same time. There are lovely picnic spots on the grassed areas by the river where you can sit and have a good time with your friends or family. 

Many people visit the Swan River for more than just a walk or picnic. Several popular sports like sailing, boating, windsurfing, and kayaking are experienced and enjoyed by many visitors. If you are in Perth, then not visiting the Swan River is not an option because you don’t want to miss that mind-blowing and peaceful view. 

2. Bell Tower

Another fascinating attraction of the city is the Bell Tower, located on Riverside Drive, overlooking the magnificent Swan River. It serves the most intriguing historical content and is blessed with a beautiful and extraordinary architectural design which has made it one of the best features of Perth and Western Australia. 

Another amazing fact that you should know is that the bells are not automatically rung by a machine, but instead, there are certain members of St. Martin’s Society of Change Ringers Inc. that voluntarily and manually ring the bell.  

3. Kings Park

It’s impossible to return from your trip to Perth without visiting Kings Park and Botanic Garden because this impressive and grand park is definitely worth it. It is one of the largest inner-city parks on the planet, and about six million people from all around the world visit the Park each year. 

The park offers you a thorough look at the most exceptional Western Australian flora where people of all ages can go and have a great time. It is an excellent spot for picnics that also holds several cultural and celebratory events. 

Along with good picnic and barbeque spots, there are several places that offer food and drinks where you can grab a bite and enjoy your tour. Fraser’s Restaurant, Botanical Café, Zamia Café, Kings Park and Bovell Kiosks, and others are a few great places where you can eat and enjoy yourself with your friends or family. 

4. Fremantle

The exciting and compelling port city of Fremantle is just half an hour away from Perth City and is very well known for its atmosphere filled with diverse art and trendy music. There are some amazing cafes and bars that serve great food and drinks along with a tinge of cool music. 

The street food is also worth your while and might introduce you to some great flavors. While you are there, book a place to stay for a day or two as the city has a wide range of options from casual places to luxurious hotels where you can plan a short stay. You can have a good time at the WA Maritime Museum, WA Shipwreck Museum, and Fremantle Arts Centre.

5. Heirisson Island

The island, which is home to a colony of Western Grey Kangaroos, is a decent treat for visitors who want to enjoy a day out. The distance between Heirisson Island and the city center is approximately a 10 to 15-minute walk where you can go with your family or friends and enjoy a picnic or a walk by the water’s edge. 

6. Leederville

The quirky little suburb, just 4 km away from Perth CBD, has a cool and diverse range of cafes, bars, restaurants, shops, markets, etc. With the beautiful suburbs of Mount Hawthorn, Mount Lawley, and North Perth surrounding it, Leederville is home to great shopping and terrific food. 

Sayers, Pixel Coffee Brewers, and Foam Coffee Bar are some of the most popular cafes that will help you with your regular coffee intervals. You can also enjoy watching the black swans float on Lake Monger, which is a serene and calm view with a cycling and jogging track around the lake. 

A walk along Oxford Street can be quite entertaining as you may find some of the best bookshops, record stores, or boutiques along the way. 

7. Caversham Wildlife Park

A wildlife park located in Whiteman Park in Western Australia is home to numerous Australian species, including kangaroos, koalas, possums, wallabies, wombats, quokkas, Tasmanian devils, and many more. The Caversham Wildlife Park provides its visitors with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to have a close encounter with some of their favorite Australian legends. 

You can feed the kangaroos with your own hands and take adorable pictures with the koalas while they are hugging you. There is also a farm show there that displays the amazing side of farm life. You can also head to an interactive farmyard experience at Molly’s Farm, where you can feed llamas, deer, buffaloes, and more. This will be a fun experience for people of all ages. 

8. Cottesloe Beach

Identified as one of the most popular shorelines of Perth, Cottesloe Beach holds a lot of value in Australia due to its transparently clear waters, soft white sand, and huge shady Norfolk pines lined along the beaches. 

The beauty of Cottesloe Beach attracts many visitors from all over the world who indulge in different fun activities to enjoy their time at the beach. There are free public showers, changing rooms, and toilet facilities arranged by the Indiana Teahouse building for everyone who visits the beach. 

The beach also has a wide range of dining options where you can choose your favorite cuisine and enjoy your beach day. So, if you plan on taking a summer trip to Perth, don’t forget to visit the incredible Cottesloe Beach. 

9. Marmion Marine Park

If you are going on a trip to Perth, there are so many famous tourist spots that are worth visiting. Another place to add to this list is the Marmion Marine Park, a stunning marine sanctuary located between Trigg Island and Burns Beach. 

You can also find seabirds, dolphins, sea lions, rays, and a wide variety of other marine species that spend a lot of their time on the coast. The period between September and December is that time of the year when you can witness the migrating humpback whales. 

Hillary’s Boat Harbor arranges a fabulous whale watching tour for you that can provide you a better look at these gigantic creatures. Besides whale-watching, swimming, surfing, snorkeling, boating, fishing, windsurfing, and scuba diving are some of the most prominent activities that visitors take part in.   

10. Rottnest Island

A trip to Perth will become even more interesting when you witness its amazing wildlife. Another great place where you can find it is Rottnest Island which is only a short ferry ride away from the city. This beautiful island appears to be the residence of many native quokkas, who are the most cute-looking and adorable little creatures. 

You can take a boat to the island and enjoy your day there with your friends or family by cycling or walking around the island, planning a picnic, or eating at some of the great restaurants and cafes. You can also interact with the quokkas by taking pictures with them but make sure to keep your distance as they are wild animals after all. 

11. Art Galleries

If you are an art lover, Perth has some tremendous surprises in store for you. The city possesses some incredible art galleries that will make your trip even more amazing.

The Art Gallery of Western Australia, Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts, and Aboriginal Art and Craft Gallery are some of the best galleries that Perth has to offer. 

The Art Gallery of Western Australia contains more than 17,000 valuable pieces of art exhibited on several occasions for visitors to see. The other galleries also provide a unique look at art, crafts, music, and dance which is enjoyed and appreciated by all the visitors. 


If you are planning a trip to Perth and need a guide to help you decide the best tourist hotspots to visit, we hope this article will help. We have narrowed down the best and most popular places that you should visit on your trip to Perth. 

From cool and splashy beaches to islands filled with kangaroos and quokkas, from walks and picnics in the daylight to exciting and enjoyable nightlife, and from great music and street art to flavorful and unforgettable food – Perth has it all.