Best Places to Visit in Sydney

Are you going to visit Sydney for a few days and looking for the top spots to visit in Sydney? Stop searching. You have reached the right place. There are a lot of attractions in Sydney that you shouldn’t miss at all costs and we will let you know about them in this guide. 

Sydney is Australia’s most famous city. Without a doubt, Sydney is one of the most beautiful and largest city in Australia. It offers perfect sunny weather, great beaches, delicious food, and vibrant and bustling nightlife. Many tourist attraction areas are in the south part of the city, while businesses and residential areas are present in the north. Australia is also considered to be one of the safest country in the world. 

Here are a few best places to visit in Australia.

Sydney Opera House


We are sure you might have come across pictures of the iconic Opera house in Sydney. It is one of the most favorite attractions of Sydney and most liked by tourists. The travelers would never miss the visit to the Opera house. The opera house is located to the East of the Harbour Bridge. The infrastructure of this building makes it unique. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Many of the art performances take place in the opera house. It could be the dance performances and ballet shows.

Moreover, there are theatres, which are used for screenings, shorter musical acts, and stage plays. Do you want to get a nice picture with the opera house in the background? Don’t worry. There are a bunch of places where you can get a picture with the Opera house in the background. 

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Sydney Harbour Bridge

You should not consider leaving Sydney without visiting the Big and Beautiful Sydney Harbor Bridge. This is also one of the most famous landmarks in Australia. No tour is complete unless you go and see this architectural symbol called the Harbor bridge or “Coat hanger”  (commonly known among the locals). This bridge isn’t only the signifier of Sydney but of entire Australia. It has been one of the finest landscapes of the city since 1932. It took a long time for the construction of this bridge, around seven years. That’s a long time. 52,800 tons of steel are used in the making of this bridge.

As it is the largest steel arch bridge, it has gained popularity all over the being the largest steel arch bridge. It is not just there for the people to see. But, it is operational and used as a medium of transportation as well. Apart from driving your car, you can walk and cycle on this bridge as well. The government of New South Wales is responsible for the maintenance of this bridge. This bridge has eight lanes, and the height is 134 meters. You’d be lucky if you were here on New Year’s Eve as the first fireworks of the New Year’s Eve display were over here. 

Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach

This is yet another iconic place which you must visit. Beaches have always been a wonderful place. The beach’s sand acts as a natural exfoliator. Make sure you head over to Bondi Beach. You have to mentally prepare yourself that there would be a lot of people, but it would be fun. 

Bondi Beach has nice waves, white sand that would help get rid of the dead skin, and some great restaurants and cafes surrounding the beach. If you are looking to get Australian sunshine, this beach is one of the best places to visit in Sydney. There are a bunch of hostels nearby as well if you are planning to stay. And you’ll get a chance to meet other backpackers too.

Dharawal national park

When you are in Australia, don’t miss seeing the landscape of this country as you wouldn’t find that perfect landscape anywhere else in the world. You’d witness some of the rarest plants and animals that you probably haven’t seen in any other country. Dharawal national park would allow you to witness that. It is open to visitors. You can plan your tour according to the time and day of the monthly tour. That is conducted on the second Saturday of the month. 

And if you are not running short on time, you may choose to go to the Minerva pool. However, unfortunately, males cannot go to this place as it is a sacred women’s place for the tribe. Therefore, only women and children can get entry into this pool.

Taronga Zoo Sydney

It is a zoo which is situated in the suburbs of Mosman. It started on 7Th of October 1916. 

You’d get to see the rare exotic animals and the native wildlife in this zoo. There would be animals present from the South American Jungles, Caribbean oceans, and African savannahs. It is a zoo where 4000 animals live. It is around 69 acres big. This is the largest zoo in Australia. The most interesting way to reach the Taronga is by ferry. It would be an adventurous trip.

Stroll around the Rocks

Are you interested in learning more about Sydney’s history? You need to roam around The Rocks. It is a historic laneway which is close to the Sydney harbor. The Gadigal aboriginal people used to live in The Rocks area. Later on, it became one of the country’s first places for European settlement.

You can observe a lot of heritage sites along the way on the narrow streets. One of them is the Cadman’s cottage which was built back in 1816. Firstly, you might consider visiting the Rocks Discovery Museum. By visiting this museum, you’d learn about the history of the place and how it changed from traditional aboriginal land to convict slum to a tourist spot now. You can also join the guided tour, which happens every day at 1 pm and 1:30 pm.

Ku-Ring-Gai Chase National park

When you are with your family and want to go together for a walk, Ku-Ring Gai Chase National Park is perfect for you. You and your family can enjoy the vivid scenic views of this national park while walking. It is one of the historical places as well. You can observe the rock arts and engravings of the Ku- Ringa Gai people of West Head. This is an ideal place for cycling, fishing and bushwalking.  

Sydney Tower Eye 

Now, you would love to look at the whole of Sydney from the observation deck of the tallest building in Sydney. You won’t regret visiting the Sydney Tower Eye as you will get an amazing view of the ocean side city. It is indeed one of the best places to visit in Sydney. Apart from the views, you can also enjoy the revolving restaurants at the top of the building and a café. 

Australia’s most beautiful city, Sydney

These are some of the best places to visit when you are in Sydney. Sydney is surrounded by a plenty of mesmerizing places which are an attraction for the visitors from all around the world. Living in Sydney can be much fun. It is one of the most livable cities globally.