Top Sights to See in Adelaide

Adelaide, the capital of South Australia, is one of the most historical cities in the country. It shares a deeply rooted past with the British colonies, and it was also among the first planned cities after getting freedom from the British. Adelaide was known as the “city of churches” because of the diverse faith of its residents. 

Today, Adelaide is famous for its love for sports, organizing world-class events, and particularly great taste in wine. Not only Adelaide prides itself in some amazing architecture, but it is also blessed with natural landscapes and scenic beauty. Whether you are a city person or a nature-loving one, Adelaide has something for everyone. 

Following are some of the must-visit places in Adelaide:

1. Art Gallery of South Australia

Located in the city’s cultural hub, this gallery holds some of the finest collection that depicts everything about Australia. Be it sculptures, photography, or even jewelry, you will find everything artistic here. The gallery was established in 1881 and is built in Victorian-style architecture. The art that is displayed here reflects upon the indigenous Karuna people. It also shows-off art pieces from Europe and Asia, taking inspiration from Renaissance. The Asian exhibits include a gallery dedicated to Islamic art, and it is the only one of its kind in Australia.

2. Adelaide Botanic Garden

Opened for the public in 1857, Adelaide’s Botanic Garden is a heaven for nature lovers. It is stretched across 124 acres and is one of Australia’s oldest botanic gardens. You will find yourself surrounded by all kinds of native and exotic plants. The garden also features medicinal herbs and local produce. 

A famous café inside the garden offers delicious food by using organic produce from the garden. Wisteria arbor is a very romantic pathway covered in gorgeous, purple flowers of wisteria. If you happen to visit the botanic gardens, make sure you spend some time in this visually enchanting place to capture its beauty to the fullest.

3. Adelaide Oval

Australians and their love for sports is no hidden affair. You can imagine their love by the fact that they turned a whole church into a world-famous stadium. Adelaide Oval is a sight to behold. It holds a historical significance for the Aussies despite the multi-million renovation that it went through in 2014. The stadium came into existence in 1871 and held its first cricket test match in 1884. Since then, it has organized sports events for more than 16 games, music concerts, and other events. 

Over 50,000 people gather in Adelaide Oval to witness the sport of the season. Fortunately, there is almost always an event happening in the stadium, so if you happen to visit Adelaide at the right time, do yourself a favor and buy a ticket to enjoy the match. We promise that it would be a fantastic experience for you to remember.

4. Adelaide Central Market

If you think that this would be just another market to shop from, you are in for a big surprise. Adelaide Central Market is local culinary heaven, which is considered one of the oldest covered markets in the world. Apart from vendors offering fresh fruit and other produce, you will find more than 80 stalls serving various traditional and comfort food. 

About eight million people visit this place every year, making it one of the most visited sites in the city. You can also enjoy food from any of the cafés and restaurants in the area if you don’t want to try out the stalls. A simple walk through the market is enough to freshen up your day, and of course, you won’t be able to resist buying something.

5. Cleland Wildlife Park

Not far from the city center, near Mount Lofty, you will find yourself at the gates of Cleland Wildlife Park. The park is responsible for taking care of Australian animals. You won’t find these animals anywhere else, enjoying their natural habitat. Animals like kangaroos, koala bears, wallabies, and emus live freely in the park, and you can take a walk with them. The up-closed experience with such exotic animals is priceless. You can feed the animals, touch them and with an extra fee, you can get a hug from a koala and take a snap as a souvenir. Of course, all this happens under the supervision of expert guides. 

6. South Australian Museum

A city with such a rich cultural and historical background as Adelaide is sure to have something for everyone. Children love to visit museums, and South Australian Museum will only increase their devotion. What’s more impressive is that it has no entry fee. The museum holds more than four million historical items, including the largest collection of artifacts from indigenous Australians. You will find stuffed animals from the past, giant skeletons hanging from the ceiling. 

You can also visit the Biodiversity Gallery to learn in detail about the Flora and Fauna of South Australia. It would indeed be a surprise for everyone to know the number of kangaroo species found in the wild.

7. Adelaide Festival Center

You will see distinctive structures in the form of tents erected from the ground along the River Torrens. This place is known as the Adelaide Festival Center. It is the first of its kind in Australia and is the venue for events related to arts and culture throughout the year. The Festival Center consists of a larger theater that can easily seat 2,000 people. It also has smaller theaters and banquet rooms, lecture halls, opera halls, and amphitheater. 

As mentioned earlier, you will find some kind of event happening in the city and most often than not, the venue would be in the Festival Center. If you are not up for spending money on a particular show, you can always opt for a tour guide that will give you an experience of life behind the scenes.

8. Victoria Square

Victoria Square is the heart of Adelaide. You will find yourself standing beside a found, surrounded by sky-high buildings and a handful of buildings from the 19th century. Its aboriginal name, Tarndanyangga, also knows the square. You will see the Magistrates Courthouse, Supreme Court, Treasury Building, and Francis Xavier Cathedral among the older buildings. 

Victoria Square is also the place that connects other attractions like the Central Market, Glenelg Beach, and the only function tram of the city. 

9. Barossa Valley Day Trip

The Barossa Valley is a lush-looking place at an hour’s drive from Adelaide Airport. It is one of Australia’s oldest grape-growing regions. You will find various fresh produce besides grapes, which are then served in many cozy-looking cafés scattered around the place. 

As a bonus to great-tasting food, you can also enjoy yourselves by following the cultural trails, galleries, museums, and craft stores.

10. Hahndorf Day Trip

Located in Adelaide Hill, Hahndorf is the oldest remains of a German settlement. It was established in 1839 by German Protestants. The place is lined with trees, and the buildings give off a German sense of fashion. The restaurants here also serve yummy German food for everyone to enjoy. 

There are several farms outside Hahndorf that you can visit and experience fresh fruit-picking. One of the most famous sites in this area is The Cedars, an alpine-style house owned by a German-born artist, Sir Hans Hysen. 

Today, his house is open to the public, and you can visit it to witness the beauty and some paintings by Sir Hans.

Adelaide – A City of Culture

Visiting a city like Adelaide will give you some of the best experiences in life. All you need to do is have an ample amount of time up your hands and good money. The city has so much to offer in terms of entertainment, food, history, and culture that you shouldn’t be surprised if Adelaide ends up being your favorite city.