The Most Iconic and Amazing Places to Visit in Australia

close-up of a Koala

Despite being the world’s smallest continent, Australia offers awe-inspiring vacation spots. From the Great Barrier Reef to the Outback, you’re sure to see many iconic landmarks the country has to offer. When planning your vacation, you have the choice of picking which spot to go to and what sites to see. If … Read more

The Role of Water in Australia

ocean, ocean waves

Australis is one of the driest inhabited continents in the world. With a highly variable water cycle and about 70% of its landmass defined as semi-arid or arid, it’s no wonder that Australia has endured at least nine intense droughts since the 1860s. More recently, the nation has suffered an unprecedented challenge … Read more

What You Should Know About Electric Power in Australia

the flag of Australia on a map of Australia

A steady supply of reliable, adequate, clean energy at an affordable cost is essential for Australia’s prosperity and economic growth. Luckily, the country is rich in both renewable and fossil fuels. So far, Australia’s energy requirements have been significantly met by fossil fuels. The land down under uses its low-cost and abundant … Read more

Top 10 Historical Places in Australia

photo of Australia continent

A country is made up of small pieces of resources and bits of historical narratives that create its meaning and significance in the world. Learning many things about Australia, such as its sports, famous koalas, and even its cat breeds provides insights into its history. Knowing where things originated tells you something about what happened in … Read more

Top 10 Vacation Destinations in Australia

Sydney Opera House

A land of dreams, and the “Land Down Under”-Australia- is one of the unique countries with very distinct characteristics. It is the world’s smallest continent yet the largest island. The country boasts with beach towns, wild green islands, rugged national parks, and huge cities overflowing with culture and great food, and stark … Read more

Top 10 Sports in Australia

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Each country has a unique culture, cuisine, geography, tradition, social norms, and lifestyle, but some have a truly unique status, just like Australia.  Dubbed as “Land Down Under,” some explorers discovered Australia during their search for the land under Asia in the Southern Hemisphere. Australia is the biggest continent country and is … Read more