The Absolute Best Places for Cycling in Australia

Living in Australia offers a fantastic treat that only the Land Down Under can do. The country is home to many historical places, gorgeous tourist attractions, domestic animal breeds such as dogs and cats, and the country’s most famous mascot, the tree-hugging Koalas. You can’t also miss the fact that Aussies love sports so dearly. But, are you aware that the world’s smallest continent is also known to offer the absolute best places for cycling?

Cycling becomes especially worthwhile, given Australia’s natural beauty and well-maintained, diverse wildlife. Of course, you can witness the country’s scenic tourist attractions while riding in a vehicle. Still, it can be more special by genuinely experiencing the Australian panorama as you travel cross country. Aside from the coastline that local bikers and visiting cyclists haunt, off-the-road routes that are only accessible through the bike also await discovery. So, whether you are living in Australia or just a visiting cyclist, these destinations we have listed for you won’t disappoint.


Adelaide features the Southern Hemisphere’s largest cycling event, the Tour Down Under. The city also boasts grandiose coastline rides and exciting climbs for all cycling fanatics. Several bike trails are situated within and near Adelaide; each offers a different cycling fun you don’t want to miss. 

The Reisling Trail. The Reisling Trail is an epic 497-mile journey that takes riders on a marvelous adventure down Australia’s farmland, vineyards, and forest, as well as one-of-a-kind cellar doors and cafes for occasional breaks during cycling. 


Cairns. A 435-mile mountain bike trail will surely uplift any cycling fanatic – not to mention the natural, scenic delights that would welcome them along the way. The Smithfield Mountain Bike Trail Park and the Bump Track are only two of the several mountain bike trails in the Cairn that allow for sightseeing of the place’s azure waters, mountains, rainforests, and outback.


Stromlo Forest Park. Canberra is Australia’s pride when it comes to popular cycling events. The city offers fully organized cycling holidays that one can partake in a while visiting the city. One of the most famous destinations in Canberra is the Stromlo Forest Park – a 31-mile custom-designed cross-country trail that hosts an excellent cycling experience for every skill level.


Maria Island. If your spirit yearns for wildlife experience and cycling simultaneously, Maria Island is your top pick. You indeed won’t find the hustle and bustle of cars and vehicles in this destination – only wombats and kangaroos. The island is a national park dedicated to wildlife, and while many cyclists come and visit the place, there are no Tasmanian cafes there, so you might want to plan things before getting ready with your bike.



Capital City Trail. You’d probably think that riding through the 18.6-mile loop in the city of Melbourne might be a little boring; well, think again. The Capital City Trail takes you on a ride through the iconic landmarks in Melbourne, where most of its colorful history took place. Places such as the Docklands, Federation Square, Melbourne Zoo, and the Royal Botanic Gardens are all worth seeing landmarks that are too good to miss.

Australian Alpine Epic. In the northeast of Melbourne awaits the Australian Alpine Epic, which in Mount Buller. Recognized by the International Mountain Biking Association (IMBA) as one of the epic mountain bike rides globally, this cycling destination lives up to its name, as riders take on a variety of environments to add to the challenging trail.

The Great Ocean Road. The name says it all – The Great Ocean Road is a staggering 412-mile ride through a seemingly endless clifftop, coastal, and rainforest panorama. No wonder it is Australia’s most eye-pleasing road trip. Although the main road was sealed, you can still visit the place following the mountain bike trails that run along the way. The seaside towns also promise unique travel experiences.


Rottnest Island. If you’re a beginning cyclist who’s not yet up for some extreme cycling adventure, Rottnest Island might be the perfect Australian cycling destination for you. This destination offers flat, car-less trails that take around a protected nature reserve. The island also features several white-sand beaches that make a perfect getaway from the bustle of the busy city streets.


Kakadu National Park. The park lists as World Heritage for its fascinating natural formations and resources. Jim Jim Falls, Koolpin Gorge, Maguk, and the Twin Falls – these are, but some of, Kakadu National Park’s most excellent treats when you decide to tread the routes within the place.

Uluru. When biking becomes more of a spiritual and transformational journey rather than a social hobby, one of the best go-to places is in Uluru – Australia’s spiritual epicenter. The trip to this destination allows for a trance-like exploration of the sacred Aboriginal land while winding through the awe-inspiring waterholes and ancient rock arts.


Bay Run. The Sydney Harbour is fascinating enough in pictures, but cycling along its picturesque blue waters will surely be a ride of a lifetime. For instance, the Bay Run, located in the city’s Inner West, is a go-to cycling destination for the locals and visitors of Sydney. Just being present there where people go for a stroll and jog as you traverse a 4.3-mile loop ride with your bike is a fantastic human experience.

Centennial Park. If you are looking for a larger crowd to cycle with, the Centennial Park east of Sydney is next to your list. Its enclosed 2.3-mile loop track built with smooth roads and a safe bike route makes it an excellent cycling destination for friends and family. Over 700,000 cyclists visit the place annually, making it one of the busiest and most exciting cycling enthusiasts in Australia. 

Royal National Park

Located south of Sidney, this place makes another priority cycling destination for both locals and tourists alike. The route takes you to a winding 43.5-mile ride through Australia’s oldest nature reserves, where lush gum trees line up your path.

Snowy Mountains in Kosciuszko National Park

As the country’s highest peak, you can secure an exciting climb and an equally exhilarating descent through the challenging network of roads of the Snowy Mountains located in New South Wales. These roads navigate across the Kosciuszko National Park and are open only during warmer seasons.