Top 10 Cat Breeds in Australia

Hey, there, feline friend! Are you ready to get to know more about your furry pets? Many try and sell cats to eager homeowners. However, you shouldn’t just buy a pet on a whim. There is a wide range of cat breeds in Australia, and each breed requires different care.

Cats are not native to Australia. Through globalization, the animal has come to the country and was eagerly adopted as pets. You might be thinking, “if cats are not native to Australia, how come there are Australian cat breeds?”

Australian cat breeds are produced through mixed breeding. That’s one secret as to why cat breeds in Australia are special, as well as a brief lesson about Australia’s history.

Get to know more about Australia’s feline friends and why you’ll love them.

Top 10 Australian Cat Breeds

cat snuggling with dog on grass

1. The Tabby Cat or the Domestic Shorthair

Who doesn’t love the tabby cat? The word Tabby, however, does not refer to a breed but a coat type. A tabby cat is a domestic breed with short hair. It sports either a striped, lined, dotted, or swirled on the body. These patterns are usually seen on the cat’s chest, abdomen, sides, shoulders, and neck. Their coats have a wide range of colors, including monotonous black, white, and grey.

2. The Burmese

This cat breed is believed to have originated in Burma. It is known for its spirited and intelligent personality, love for playing and being very affectionate. This cat breed uses physical interaction to show their affection, so they are very friendly and an excellent choice for a pet. This breed can easily be distinguished through its bright golden eyes. Also, don’t forget that their coats are silky smooth to the touch.

3. The Australian Mist

If you are looking for different cat breeds in Australia, you should not miss this one. Just like the Burmese breed, the Australian Mist is also an affectionate breed. It likes to be touched and is even-tempered, so you are spared from scratches. It’s also playful and gets along well with other pets, like dogs. This cat breed is famous for its striking green eyes. If you are looking for pets for your children, the Australian Mist is god option.

4. Abyssinian

Like the other two, when it comes to being affectionate, the Abyssinian also takes the crown. Kid’s TV shows in Australia often portray the protagonist with their loyal pets at their side. You can make this into a reality with your kids and their Abyssinian cat. The cat breed is loving that it loves to spend time with its human companion. Plus, they are easy to care for since they love to be combed or rubbed.

5. Siamese

You have to agree. The Siamese cat oozes with sexiness when they strut. It sports brilliant blue eyes and a distinguished coat. Siamese cats are also playful and affectionate like the other ones. They are friendly, pleasant, and, most importantly, loyal. Many celebrities in Hollywood have their own Siamese. Celebrities like Marilyn Monroe and Rod Steward have Siamese cats in their homes.

6. The British Shorthair

The British Shorthair is a cat breed with a stocky build. It has a dense coat that you would want to comb. It also has big eyes that you could not resist giving in to. This cat breed is affectionate, friendly, and has good manners. You could bring this cat along on playdates with no worries.

7. Russian Blue

cat with bright blue eyes and a grey fur

The Russian Blue is known for its famous ‘natural’ smile. They are also affectionate but not as clingy as the other cats. They are shy at first but playful when they are comfortable. Like any other cat, this breed is curious but very calm. So, rest assured, no broken vases. Their loyalty only belongs to one person. They have fluffy coats that you want your hands to sink into. The coat’s color varies from bright silver to dark slate grey.

8. The Maine Coon

Cats come in different sizes, and the Maine Coon is a giant – a gentle giant. The Maine Coon are like dogs, not only in size but in their personality, as well. They are child-friendly and get along well with other cats and dogs. They like to show off and will appreciate it even if you glare at them.

9. Persians

Persians have round faces with a gentle and calm personality. They are as calm as they are quiet. They are the very definition of a lap cat. You could enjoy a good book and sip tea while it sits on your lap. Yes, they are easy to maintain as they are easy to entertain. They love to observe and enjoy the view. This is why Persians are a popular cat breed in Australia.

10. The Ragdoll

Just like the Persian, this breed is also calm and collected. They are pleasant yet gentle. Their loyalty to their owners is as tight as a dog’s loyalty. They love to snuggle and would greet you at your doorsteps when you come home. This cat is ideally suited for a family.

Felines are not as daunting and mean-spirited as what is usually portrayed online. In fact, these breeds are friendly that you would want to have 10 of them.