What to Be Prepared For When Living In Australia

“The land Down Under” is what Australia is called in common language. Ever wondered why? Because Australia is geographically below the equator line. If you locate Australia on a globe, you will find it upside down. Such distance from the rest of the world guarantees not only a relatively different lifestyle but other factors that may be new for most people

Australia is a great country to live in. It scored greater than average for a satisfactory lifestyle compared to other countries. By June 2020, there were 7.6 million migrants living in Australia. The reasons are simple – better job opportunities and a comfortable lifestyle. 

Moving to a new place can be challenging but moving to another country is an entirely different story. There are so many factors to keep in mind before taking the big leap. Leaving for Australia to stay there and work is no different. It requires a substantial amount of prior knowledge and a whole lot of information to be gathered. We have made a list of things that will help you mentally prepare yourself for the journey ahead.

Get the Right Visa

Depending on the time you intend to stay in Australia, choose the type of visa most suitable for you. Most people opt for a holiday visa that allows them to work too. Basically, here are two types of visas based on the country of your origin – the Working Holiday visa (subclass 417) and the Work and Holiday Visa (subclass 462). 

It would be best that you don’t delay your applications even though they are approved within a few days. There might be a chance that some documentation is missing from your side and requires authentication. Earlier, Australia allowed visitors for a stay of one year with another year’s extension. Now, visitors can stay up to three years, given that they spend a total of six months in an agricultural job.

Decide Your Base

Australia may be one giant country, but the variety among its cities is drastic. You must have done a lot of research about some of the biggest cities of Australia. By now, you should have a sketch in your mind about what you are expecting from Australia. If you are moving solely to make money, corporate cities like Sydney and Melbourne should be your top choice. But you should also keep in mind that Sydney can be a bit expensive. For an adventurous stay with easy access to the Great Barrier Reef, Cairns or Airlie Beach might just be perfect for you. In the end, it all depends on your purpose of moving.

Maintain Your CV

One of the most important factors in getting a decent job is the art of making a perfect CV. This is a universal thing that you have to follow regardless of your geographical location. An effective CV raises your chances to get a job of your choice, given your eligibility and skills set. Although it is difficult to search for a job in another country, it is better to keep looking for vacancies and preferably email them your CV. 

One important thing is that you should be aware of the type of CV that is in trend these days. There are many online platforms that can help you in this regard.

Things to Consider Once You Have Arrived in Australia

Things to Consider Once You Have Arrived in Australia

Once you have done all your homework and successfully landed in the Australian city of your choice, it is time for you to start thinking ahead and work on getting settled. The prospect of starting a new life in an entirely foreign country can be daunting, and you might feel yourself getting intimidated. 

Don’t worry, Australia is known for treating its guests right. You just have to follow the crumbs, and you will be good to go.

1. Set Up Your Mobile

Australia is huge! That means that the network reception varies with your location. There are currently three major telecom companies that are functional in different regions – Telstra, Optus, and Vodafone. You can check their website for their region of coverage. You don’t want to buy a sim card only to get poor reception.

2. Stay Period Paperwork

As mentioned above, you can stay for more than a year if you agree to spend three months in agriculture. Even if you are unsure whether you will stay for another year, it is best to get the paperwork done. This experience will be useful to you as you will meet other holiday workers like yourself. Keeping like-minded people close is always a good idea. 

Make friends, and you might even get a job with their help. Plus, working in a rural area often comes with accommodation. So for three months, you will have a place to stay while you search for a job in the city.

3. Familiarize with the Australian Tax System

Everyone is bound to pay taxes on the earnings they have made during their stay in Australia. It is not mandatory to get a Tax Filing Number (TFN), but it is highly advised to do so. If you don’t provide a TFN to your employer, they are entitled to get a percentage of your income no matter the amount. Filing for a Tax Number can be done online but keep in mind that you cannot file from outside Australia. It hardly takes 20 minutes online, and you will get your TFN for future use.

Everyday Life in Australia

Once you are done with the formalities, you can now sit back and think about ways to enjoy your stay to the fullest. Australia is a diverse and versatile country with variations in almost every aspect of life. From food to sports, Australians do everything in their own way. 

Following are a few things you should keep in mind before heading out for a night out or just a regular drive:

1. Australian English 

The good thing about Australian English (AE) is that it takes its inspiration from British as well as American English. The other thing is that AE has its own unique sets of words and phrases that only an Aussie would understand. You might find yourself confused while talking to a local since they tend to add a ‘y’ sound at the end of words to make them shorter. So if you hear someone say “brekky,” know that they mean “breakfast.”

2. Expensive Night Outs

Expensive Night Outs

Alcohol in Australia is generally expensive. A can of beer can cost anywhere between $3.50 and $6.50, while a bottle of wine can be $12 to $20. Australia pays well, but you might find yourself struggling financially if you keep on partying every other night. It’s better to save up for a few months and then take on a lighter way of living.

3. Road Signs

Since Australia is huge and you cannot miss traveling for sightseeing, owning/renting a car is highly recommended. But while driving, you will come across road signs that would be completely foreign to you. Therefore, it is best to look up an online road guide for Australia to avoid breaking any road laws. You don’t want to get yourself caught in paying thousands of dollars as a fine.


Living in Australia is a dream for many people. Thanks to the effective Australian government procedures, it is quite easy to apply for Australia and settle there. Of course, you will need a hefty sum of money and prior arrangements, most of which we have mentioned in this article. 

Moving to foreign land always requires extra work. All that matters is that you have gotten your credentials and research done to not face any difficulties right after landing.