Unique Items to Get In Australia

Getting souvenirs on your foreign trip is something we all crave for. They represent our memories and remind us of our good times in a foreign country. More importantly, many of your families might be waiting for their gifts as well. In case you travel to Australia, here is a list of souvenirs you can get that are unique to Australia only. 

Unique Items to Buy in Australia

Tim Tam

Australia is quite famous for their chocolate sandwich named Tim Tam and they aren’t that expensive too. You can bring loads of them and they won’t be a burden on your pockets. With different types of flavoring, you always have the most choice. Available flavors include honeycomb, salted caramel, chocolate on chocolate, caramel, red velvet, white chocolate, dark chocolate, and double-coated chocolate, and many others too. 

Buying Tim Tams is not a problem because they are available at almost every supermarket. Although you may find chocolate sandwiches in your home country, Tim Tams are something particularly different because they have a distinctive taste. 

Australian Coffee

Get traditional coffee from Australia

Due to the hot climate of Australia, there is still a mass production of coffee beans and used for export purposes as well. Australian coffee is quite famous in many parts of the world. The Australian coffee culture is based on processing and roasting the beans while many of the top companies in the world have their headquarters for coffee research and development in Australia. Most of the coffee in Australia is being grown in New South Wales and Queensland. 

The specific coffee types that you can get in Australia include Catuai, Mundo Novo, K7, and some Kenyan varieties as well. In your home country, you may not get these coffees for cheap but in Australia, the homeland of production of these coffees, you can get loads of them easily. The aroma and taste are unique to the coffee that is mostly found in the US. This is because Australian coffee has coal flavors with a touch of tobacco as well. 

Ugg Boots

Fashionable Ugg Boots

This may sound controversial but one of the most unique items you will find in Australia is a pair of Ugg Boots. The Ugg boots are made out of sheep and other animal skin on the outside and fleece on the inner side. These shoes are usually in high demand in areas where there is extreme cold and there is snowfall some times during the year. With a synthetic sole, tanned surface, perfect stitching, and a lot of variety, you will surely be able to find a great pair for yourself.

The Ugg Boots were a very popular fashion icon during the 1970s and 1990s. Today, they are usually expensive in countries like the USA and UK which is why most people buy them off Australia for the low prices. The Ugg Boots are both branded and non-branded so you can get anyone depending upon your personal preference.  Keep in mind that you shouldn’t buy it for someone who is an animal lover. 

Kangaroo Leather Items

Kangaroo Leather items are famous all over Australia and abroad

The leather product fans do get cow suede leather products in their home country but something you can only get in Australia is Kangaroo Leather products. Real McCaul is the firm behind the production of various kangaroo leather products including jackets, shoes, wallets, bags, and a lot more as well. 

Trust us when we say that it is worth buying it because kangaroo leather has proven to be stronger yet lighter than cow leather or goatskin. Most motorcycle suits are also made out of kangaroo leather. Australia, the country famous for Kangaroos, surely has the best quality products when it comes to K-leather. Buying a wallet for the men or a purse for the women are surely great gift ideas for your trip to Australia. 


Use of Didgeridoo during the performance of the Aboriginal song

Most of you might not have heard about this one before. Didgeridoo is a wind instrument that requires a certain technique of vibrating lips that helps in producing a certain drone with special breathing. The art of Didgeridoo is something very unique and difficult compared to other instruments because it requires special techniques such as Circular Breathing. 

Fun Fact – Didgeridoo was developed in Northern Australia about 1500 years ago. Although it isn’t much used now, it still stands as an important instrument towards the Australian Culture and historic music as well. You may come across someone playing their Didgeridoo especially if a particular day represents a historic event depicting the Indigenous music of Australia. 

Australian Chocolate

Other than Tim Tams, the Australian Chocolate itself is quite famous all over the world. Take it as a treat for your friends and family. The Haigh’s Chocolate is one of the most famous ones as every chocolate is said to be handmade and hand wrapped to perfection. These may be expensive but you can find a range of other Australian Chocolates at a cheap price. 

If you visit Melbourne, it is our recommendation to visit the Block Arcade as there are a range of chocolate specialty stores selling multiple varieties. Famous chocolate companies of Australia include Darrell Lea, Ernest Hillier Chocolates, and Hoadley’s Chocolates. Try out a few first before buying in bulk so that you are aware of the taste.  


Most people might think about Instagram right away but here we are talking about the real Boomerang. For those who don’t know, Boomerang has been used as a tool for hunting as well as sports in the past. The tool emerged from Australia and one can still find it in multiple places around the country. However, we recommend you to visit The Rocks Centre of Sydney where you can find Boomerangs of multiple designs as well as a few customized ones too. 

Boomerang can be the perfect souvenir that could remind you of your trip. It is inexpensive, non-fragile, and has no major restrictions during air travel as well. Coming in a variety of shapes and sizes, you can get one for young kids as well as for elders. For all those who are obsessed with historical collectibles, the Boomerang is probably a great gift idea too. Make sure that if you are getting one for kids, it is not only small in its size but it is also less sharp and so that it does not hurt the kid or others while playing.  

Boomerangs are fun

Australian Tea

The Tea Culture is famous all over Australia despite the roughly hot climate over there. It was originally introduced by the British in 1788 which led to the further development and mass cultivation of Tea in Australia as well since the hot atmosphere is suitable for the growing of Tea. If you want to know how much Australians are obsessed with tea, they drink it three times a day, morning, evening, and night too. 

Australian Tea has a unique flavor and aroma that usually impresses tea fans quite easily. If you or someone you know in your home country is a tea lover, the Australian Tea is going to be a great gift item. You can try out this tea at the domestic markets where many sellers are selling in smaller quantities too. Moreover, there are flavored teas too and you can get them from companies like LUPICIA.


Australia has many local markets full of handicraft items

Many don’t know but Australia is one of the biggest markets for Handicraft items. There are so many unique items that you can buy from places such as The Rocks Centre. From Opal Jewellery to other hand-made items, there is always something of cultural significance that you can buy. It is also referred to as the most genuine aboriginal art of Australia which gets many people excited for the wonderful goods. 

From wall hangings to handmade tablecloths, bags, customized items, on-spot-made items, and others, you can buy anything. This can be a good gesture towards the local community too since many are dependent on selling these items and making a living. These items are really cheap so you can buy numerous ones. If you aren’t able to find a handicrafts market in your city, try asking the locals or buy a map from the local bookshop to reach your destination. 


If you ever visit Australia or any other country, make sure you are trying out new things that are not already present in your home country. This would make your shopping experience memorable and unique. Helping out the locals would be a great way to make your trip even more desirable and satisfying. Have fun!