Moving to Australia – eBook Review

by Jordan Lewis (Author)
Format: Kindle Edition


Australia is one of the most developed economies in the world. The country has a high standard of living, an increasing economic growth rate, and growth opportunities available for all citizens. The country is known for its substantial educational policies and political reforms that have shaped Australia into one of the most desirable countries to live in.

If you or someone you know are planning to move to Australia, there are various living essentials that you need to be aware of. From monthly income to accommodation, food, expenditure, taxation, and other policies, there are multiple aspects to consider before making an appropriate decision. The eBook “Moving to Australia” is the perfect guide for anyone who is planning to relocate to Australia for any reason. No matter if you are an aspiring student planning to relocate for pursuing higher studies, or you are looking for a good job in Australia, reading this eBook will answer many of your questions as well as let you know about the information that you didn’t know before.

Up till 2020, 7.6 million migrants 1 have been living in Australia, and a staggering 29.8% of the whole Australian population was born outside the country.

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Chapter 1 – Reasons to Move to Australia

Kangaroos in Australia

This chapter is one of the most interesting ones in the entire book. This is because it changes the perspective of many, even those who don’t have plans to move to Australia reconsider their choice. The author has explained the fact that moving to Australia, immigrants never regret their decision because it is such a welcoming and hospitable country. One might think that every other country is hospitable, but this is not true. A country like France does not usually entertain outsiders as well as they do their own people.

The author has provided a detailed aspect on a few of the top reasons for moving to Australia. These reasons include

  • Welcoming Policies
  • Friendly People
  • Job Opportunities
  • Unspoiled Nature
  • Great Education

This chapter proves the point that Australia isn’t just good for any particular type of person, rather it is good for everyone. The unspoiled nature is perfect for someone planning to retire, the great education is ideal for aspiring students, job opportunities help the active job seekers, and overall, the hospitable nature makes living over there easier.

Chapter 2 – Things to Know Before Moving to Australia

Things to Know Before Moving to Australia

One of the main things anyone needs to know before moving to a particular country is the set of legal policies and regulations with which a particular country is being run. In Chapter 2, the author has clearly explained a certain set of policies for immigrants. Australia allows for immigration based on a point scoring system. The best part about this chapter is that it provides you with full guidelines on this point scoring system. You can even calculate your points based on the parameters provided.

Besides, the author has also discussed the multiple ways of entry within Australia. This includes the various forms of visas that are issued by the Government of Australia.

  • Skilled Independent Visa
  • Partner Visa
  • Investor Visa
  • Student Visa
  • Skilled Regional Visa

In addition to that, the author has also explained the economics of the top cities to stay in Australia. This helps the readers make an informed decision about where they want to go. Life in these cities has been depicted in a way that makes it easy to choose which city you want to go to as per your interests. The top cities of Australia include Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Newcastle, and Perth.

Chapter 3 – Being a Student in Australia

the University of Sydney in Australia

Australia is ranked among one of the best countries in the world for higher studies. Many of the students in Australia are foreigners pursuing higher studies such as Masters and Doctorate.

In 2018 alone, 876,399 enrolments were produced by 693,750 international students, which was a 10.1% increase compared to the stats in 2017.

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According to the yearly QS World University Rankings, 36 Australian Universities have made places in the list.

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Another very long chapter of this book is Chapter 3 which is based on the education system in Australia. From basic requirements to finance management, scholarship, and top universities of Australia, the author has provided useful insights on all of the matters. Readers will also find information about the Australian Student Visa Application form. This entire chapter focuses solely on education including both curricular and co-curricular activities that take place in Australian educational institutes. Readers will also find interesting information on potential internships, job opportunities, and teaching systems that are practiced in Australia.

Other Parts of the Book

There are various other chapters in the book as well which take into account several other factors for relocating to Australia. One of the most important ones is Chapter 4 which focuses on the income and taxation policies managed in Australia. It gives you an idea of how much tax one would have to pay for the property, for income, and for various other forms of assets. The tax exemptions and other rules are also clearly mentioned over here. In a nutshell, Chapter 4 provides a lot of details about the “settling-in” aspect of living in Australia.

You will also learn a lot about the accommodation facilities and how much they cost. This part is important for everyone because having the right accommodation in a foreign country is everyone’s priority. Besides that, one will also find the top factors to consider when evaluating a property. This helps you make an informed decision because you are basing your decision on a few of the well-known factors.

Many foreigners enter Australia or even other countries with the objective that they will stay on rent for a while after which they can buy out their property as well. Every country has different types of landlords and its own rental asset management system too. Similarly, Australia has one and you will find more about it in Chapter 4.

The reserve bank of Australia has plans to keep the interest rates low till 2024, after which they might be changed as per the new financial requirements of the country. Until then, it is a golden opportunity to buy rather than rent.

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Clear Details on Law

One of the best things about this eBook is that it gives great knowledge about the law and order practiced in Australia. This is one factor many people consider when moving abroad and having clear details on this matter makes it easy to move. Those who are not aware of laws ultimately end up making mistakes and paying up heavy fines for them. In Chapter 5 of this book, there are multiple types of laws discussed which include Marriage Laws, Raising a Child, Divorce Laws, and Criminal Laws. The readers can also know the penalties for breaking any of these laws which gives a good awareness as well.

If the value of the stolen product or used services is less than $150, the penalty is a fine of 6 units, equal to $817.1. On the other hand, if the value is more than $150, the maximum penalty is 5 years in prison.

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Chapter 6 – Life in Australia

Sydney opera house at night

Chapter 6 is all about everyday life in Australia and how you can make the best out of it. While many people think that as they move abroad, they will have to adjust to quite many changes but this isn’t the case for Australia. The author has well described the various ways in which life in Australia is quite easy for foreigners and the day-to-day chores are not a major problem as well.

This is one of the most interesting chapters for active shoppers. This is because it tells you about the top spots in Australia where people come to shop. Some of the places discussed include

  • Queen Victoria Building
  • Chadstone Shopping Center
  • Westfield Carousel Shopping Center
  • Brisbane Arcade

Besides, the author has made sure that no “other” fun times are missed out. This chapter also has a lot to know about Australia’s nightlife as well as the experience of dating in Australia. While many people may not be going for dating or nightlife, it surely is an interesting way to know more about the culture, the people, and their overall life.

Also, don’t miss out on Chapter 7. It is quite similar and tells you more about travel and tourism in Australia and how one can have a better experience of it.

The Down Side of Australia

One way in which we know that this book is written from a neutral perspective is that it has mentioned the various downsides of Australia as well. Although it isn’t directly dangerous, there are a few ways in which people have to compromise and adjust when living in Australia. These hazards have been mentioned in the last chapter of the book. The author has also mentioned the solutions to a few of them so that you know the best you can do to overcome the potential problems. Throughout the book, it does not feel like it has been written in a biased manner which is a sign of its reliability and validity.

You are sure to get a third-degree sunburn if you spend 10 minutes under direct sun. This is also one reason that the rate of skin cancer in Australia is higher than in most countries 78. To keep yourself safe, using sunblock is a necessity in Australia.

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General Overview of the Book

The main reason why this book is highly recommended to people planning to move to Australia is that it is precisely on the details. You get to know all the information essential to move to Australia. Each chapter has an individual focus on the topic and a wide range of possible reader questions are already answered. By the time you end reading the book, there’s already more than enough that you have to know.

Secondly, this eBook is quite relevant because it is based on the latest information and trends as based in Australia. Much of the policies of the Australian Immigration System have changed over the past few years which is why updated information is extremely essential for people planning to move to Australia.

Thirdly, sectional division in the book is another great aspect of it. For example, Chapter 3 comprises information that is essential to be read by aspiring students only. In case you are planning to move to Australia to seek a job, you can simply skip this chapter and move to other chapters such as Chapter 2 and Chapter 4. On the other hand, if you are a student, this chapter is the most important one for you while the others aren’t. The sectional division of the book provides conclusive evidence on the different topics and helps out the readers with precise information as per their needs.

Throughout the book, information that has been provided has been thoroughly referenced from high-profile governmental organizations and institutes. This shows that the information is not only authentic but it is also the latest as per the governmental policies. Moreover, this information can be checked against any governmental institution at any time. Authenticity is a key factor when reviewing a book and this one surely has that. Besides, the use of different types of facts and figures along with statistics helps the readers understand the point in a much better manner. The information does not seem completely vague and theoretical rather the use of numbers validates a certain point being made.

However, one aspect that is missing from the book is about the banter in Australia. Australian people are known for their banter, which, although friendly, may seem a bit too hard sometimes. Aussies are known to abuse, again, friendly, but could be considered too much. The book could slightly explain this aspect a little more. Besides this minor thing, there is everything mentioned about moving to Australia.

In general, this is a great book from which people can learn a lot about Australian life, culture, facilities, income, expenditure, accommodation, and a lot of other aspects as well.