What are the Different Climate Zones in Australia?

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Australia is a country known for its diverse culture and the enchanting places it holds within. People fly from all over the world to study and get jobs in Australia. If you want to visit a country to explore nature’s beauty, you must put Australia on your list.  You can find immense … Read more

The Top Tennis Players from Australia

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Tennis is among the popular sports in Australia as it is practiced a lot in the country. Australia hosts the first of the year’s four grand slam events. Tennis Australia manages the Australia Open, which first took place in Melbourne in 1905. The tournament was first known as the Australian Championships before … Read more

The Top Basketball Players from Australia

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Australia has produced several excellent NBA players over the past years. Of course, the term “very good” can be interpreted in a variety of ways. Even though Australia has not produced a LeBron James, they have created multiple NBA players since Luc Longley set an example. Most basketball fans underestimate how good … Read more

Guide to Daylight Saving Time in Australia

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Daylight Saving Time (DST) is the practice of advancing clocks one hour forward from the standard time (ST). In Australia, DST moves clocks forward one hour during the warmer months of the year and back one hour when returning to Standard Time (ST) in autumn.  It is done to make better use … Read more

How Do Time Zones Work in Australia?

What are the different time zones in Australia

The earth rotates around the sun and takes a full round in 24 hours. The sun only shines on that side of the world that is facing towards it. The rest of the world would be observing dark when the other side of it is shining. Due to the continuous rotation of … Read more

The Role of Water in Australia

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Australis is one of the driest inhabited continents in the world. With a highly variable water cycle and about 70% of its landmass defined as semi-arid or arid, it’s no wonder that Australia has endured at least nine intense droughts since the 1860s. More recently, the nation has suffered an unprecedented challenge … Read more

The Absolute Best Places for Cycling in Australia

Living in Australia offers a fantastic treat that only the Land Down Under can do. The country is home to many historical places, gorgeous tourist attractions, domestic animal breeds such as dogs and cats, and the country’s most famous mascot, the tree-hugging Koalas. You can’t also miss the fact that Aussies love … Read more

What You Should Know About Electric Power in Australia

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A steady supply of reliable, adequate, clean energy at an affordable cost is essential for Australia’s prosperity and economic growth. Luckily, the country is rich in both renewable and fossil fuels. So far, Australia’s energy requirements have been significantly met by fossil fuels. The land down under uses its low-cost and abundant … Read more

Is It Dangerous to Live in Australia?

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When Abraham Lincoln said, “do not believe everything on the internet,” his statement could not be more false because the internet was not even invented during his time. We see all kinds of stuff over the internet that gets viral within seconds. Some of it is truly authentic and needs to be … Read more

Top Reasons to Live In Adelaide

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Adelaide, the capital of South Australia, is the fifth most populated and beautiful city in Australia. It is located on the Adelaide Plains to the north of the Fleurieu Peninsula, between the Gulf of St. Vincent and the Mount Lofty Ranges to the west and the Mount lofty ranges to the east. … Read more