Why You Might Need a Family Lawyer

There is a wide range of legal concerns a family lawyer helps their clients with. The most common one is divorce, which is why some refer to them as divorce lawyers. But family lawyers Perth also cover issues around divorce such as asset division, parenting orders, and any matter relating to family law such as prenups and adoption to name a couple. A family lawyer can offer help with negotiations and counselling too. When communications have broken down, counselling can help resolve problems and help couples at odds come to an agreement, without having to go to court.

Reasons you might need to find a family lawyer Perth

Some of the more common reasons Australians need a family lawyer are as follow;

  • Parenting orders – If you are negotiating with your former spouse over who gets the kids, custody arrangements and parenting plans then a family lawyer can help you find common ground that keeps your children’s wellbeing at the forefront of decision making.
  • Child support – If you and your former partner can not come to an agreement about child support payments, then a lawyer can help you with working out a plan that is agreeable. Your lawyer will help ensure your children are able to be raised well and provided for.
  • Visitation – When you separate or divorce there are often issues of visitation rights, especially when there are concerns of safety and such. Family lawyers Perth can help you organise visitation and make sure your children get fair time with each parent in a safe manner.
  • Legal separation – Sometimes two partners will decide they need to legally separate to draw a line in the sand then move towards divorce proceedings.
  • Adoption – Not all reasons to need a family lawyer are negative, though adoption does have its own emotions and stress! If you are looking to adopt, you need a lawyer to ensure the process is carried out legally and all paperwork is correctly lodged.
  • Getting out of an abusive relationship – If you are leaving an abusive marriage or de facto relationship, then divorce can be even harder. Abusive relationships also leave you vulnerable at the hands of a physical or emotionally violent partner, and puts your children at risk too. A lawyer can help ensure you are better protected as you take the steps to begin a new future.


These are just some of the more common reasons to need a family lawyer Perth. Navigating areas of family law can be emotional and stressful. A good lawyer in this field needs to have sympathy for their clients while offering sound legal advice and a safe place to discuss issues, in as calm a manner as is possible. Look for a lawyer you can confide in, one with experience in family law specifically, and one you find is able to explain legal terms to you, in a way you understand without feeling you are being spoken down to.