Tip to buy legenga choli based on your body shape

When buying lehenga choli, you need to consider your body shape. Here are tips to help you buy lehenga choli based on your body shape.


Whether you are a bride, bridesmaid, or just an ordinary woman who what to buy stylish, well-fitting lehenga choli, you need to consider your body shape. Understanding your body shape will allow you to choose a fitting outfit that will make you look beautiful for any occasion. Women have different body shapes, such as hourglass, apple shape, and more. If you don’t consider your shape, you will end up buying an ill-fitting lehenga. Keep reading to learn more about women’s body shapes and how to choose a lehenga choli based on your body figure.

Different Main Body shapes/types

There are at least five main body shapes, and you will likely fall into one of the categories. Here are the main body shapes:

  • Rectangle shape – This is an athletic body shape where the waist, hip, and bust measurements are equal. These individuals are partially muscular.
  • Apple body shape – If you have a large waist and carry a lot of weight around the abdomen, you have an apple shape. You should have a curvy body with a less defined waistline.
  • Hourglass body shape – Typically, if a woman has hips and bust that are almost equal in size and she has a well-defined waist, she has an hourglass body shape. These women also have slightly rounded shoulders and proportionate upper and lower bodies.
  • Inverted triangle body shape – Ladies with this inverted triangle body shape have broader shoulders than hips. Additionally, they don’t have a defined waist, and many have athletic-looking, squared, or straight shoulders.
  • Pear Shaped body – If your hips are wider than your bust and shoulders, you have a pear body shape. You get the actual measurements of the hips, bust, and shoulders to confirm that.

Selecting a Lehenga Choli Based on Your Body Shape

Selecting a Lehenga Choli Based on Your Body Shape

You need to know that there are some lehenga choli designs suitable for specific body shapes, while some can look good on several or all body shapes. Based on your body shape, here are some lehenga choli designs that will look good on you.

Rectangle Body Shape

If you have a rectangle-shaped body, you should choose a lehenga choli that showcases your body curves. You should go for a long A-Line lehenga paired with a crop top. Alternatively, you can go for a high-waist long skirt and pair it with a crop top with minimal details to look stylish and composed. The skirt should be flared and embroidered or have noticeable printed patterns or decorations. Raw silk or art silk fabrics are suitable for the skirt, and for the top, you can choose chiffon or any other soft fabric. Complete the look with a net or soft and flowy dupatta.

Apple Shaped Body

Women with apple-shaped bodies should buy long, layered, and flowy lehenga skirts. Alternatively, they can choose flared or ruffled skirts. The skirt should be in lightweight materials and have pastel colors to emphasize the waistline and enhance one’s look. When it comes to the choli or the blouse, it should be made of light fabrics and have a wider neckline. You can also go for a peplum top and wear a jacket instead of draping a dupatta.

Pear Shaped Body

If you have this body shape, you should know that the highlight of your outfit should be the top because you have a smaller upper body. So pick a lehenga outfit paired with a heavily embroidered top. The top should also be brightly colored. Additionally, go for a cape-like dupatta to put more emphasis on your upper part of the body. A long flared skirt will be good to complete the look.

Hourglass Shaped

If you have an hourglass body shape, you are lucky because most lehenga choli designs suit this body shape. You can choose an A-cut lehenga skirt with a flowy design. Also, choose fabrics that go well with your body curves to ensure you look hotter. Pick a short top that leaves your waist uncovered. Ensure you don’t cover the waist, even with the dupatta.

Inverted Triangle Body Shape

To look good with an inverted triangle body shape, you should buy a layered and flared skirt. The outfit will make you look heavy on the lower part helping you achieve a balance between the upper and lower body. You can choose a plain top to avoid emphasizing the upper body, which is large or broader.

Lehenga Designs that Suit More That One Body Shape

  • Mermaid lehenga – Most party lehenga choli designs feature this style. This design is suitable for hourglass and rectangle-shaped bodies. The design emphasizes the waist and the hips, giving you a youthful, hot look.
  • Straight-cut lehenga – If you want to flaunt your curves, you should buy a straight-cut lehenga choli. This design is suitable for rectangle and apple-shaped body shapes. You can choose it when going to a wedding, party or a festival.
  • A-line lehenga – This lehenga suits rectangle, pear, and hourglass shapes. The design puts more emphasis on the dupatta and tops, which are mainly made of lightweight materials and may have minimal or heavy embroidery.
  • Sharara Lehenga Choli – This lehenga choli design is suitable for all body shapes. The outfit is super comfortable and looks extremely beautiful. The attire design has heavy embroidery work allowing it to give a balanced look for the entire body regrades of the body shape.

Final Words

When you know your body shape, it will be easy to buy the right lehenga choli. There are many outfits on the market; you just need to select what you need based on your body shape. You should also consider your skin tone to ensure you buy a well-fitting outfit complementing your skin tone. If you want to buy these lehenga choli designs ideal for your body shape, consider buying them online. Many online stores offer a wider collection, making it easy to find the ideal lehenga choli for your body shape. Buying this Indian outfit online also has other benefits like convenience and better prices. Ensure you don’t buy in a rush, take your time during the selection, and buy what suits you.