Is your Contractor Licensed?

If you are planning on having any renovation work done around your home or business you will need to make sure the electrician is one that is licensed to work where you are. There are a lot of good reasons to have the right electrician, Bondi carry out the work the first time. Less likely to have anything go wrong, less chance of expensive repairs to undo shoddy work and more. Hiring a handyperson instead of an expert might save short-term money but it does not in the long-term and the work is not legal or potentially even safe.

Spend some time saving for the extra cost

Whether you are putting up a completely new building or having work done on an existing one, it makes sense to save the budget you need to do the job the right way. If that means taking an extra month or whatever to be able to afford a licensed and trained electrician Sutherland Shire or where you need them, then so be it. Or rather than spending more on the extra or on accessory upgrades, take some money from there. You can always re-do the taps into something fancier another time. When you cut corners with this kind of project it can lead to accidents on-site, and it can lead to shoddy work which puts your safety and the safety of everyone who uses the property, at risk. Improper handling of wiring, circuit boards, installing of electrical outlets and devices or ceiling fans can lead to damage, and in some cases tragic results.

Issues of safety

A licensed and insured electrician costs more because you are paying for that knowledge, skill, training, licensing and experience. Letting someone work on your property, residential, commercial, industrial is not even legal. The work they do is not to code and not legal. It affects the value of the property as well as creates issues of safety. Electrical issues like electrical fires, overloaded breakers, sparking, and more are common when work is not done by a licensed electrician Bondi.

Finding a licensed electrician

You can find a licensed electrician you can trust that has the right experience from a number of places. A local phone book, an internet search, asking people you know for recommendations are the three most popular and easy options though. However, you get a list of options, be sure to do some research and check places like review sites, social media platforms and contact references so you can check any electrician Sutherland shire you consider are the real deal.


The laws in Australia mean there are very strict limits on what you can do in terms of DIY or when it comes to hiring and using handyperson businesses, for work to do with your electricity and plumbing systems. The reason for these laws is to make sure the work done is safe, for you and for people who use the property now, and for those who use it in the future. A license indicates they are serious about their profession, can work legally and safely, and that they reach a certain level of knowledge and skill.