Pop Culture Review for Australia In The 1960s

Circular Quay, Australia

The 1960s was a unique period of innovation and social change. Although most of it took place or influenced the United States but the effects did not stop there. In fact, the changes in pop culture over the years, including music and fashion in Australia, were influenced by America and the United … Read more

Top Australian Actors of All Time

Heath Ledger in 2006, two years before his death

The media industry in Australia has been full of gem-personality men that have improved the industry through their outstanding skills. Many of them also went for Hollywood and emerged highly successful by racking up a range of different types of awards. Besides, there have been many interesting controversies regarding these actors too. … Read more

Top TV Shows in Australia


Although we do not get to hear much from Australia when it comes to movies and TV shows, many top-notch programs are dazzling across the globe and banging inside homes thanks to Netflix. The thing with Australian shows is that most of them are not made for global entertainment. This allows them … Read more