Welcome to the Jungle

Welcome To The Jungle By DAVID ORRO The world of Amazon is constantly expanding. Every year, the number of sales on this platform increases with more and more consumers using it as their online shop of choice.  Currently in the

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Before Starting an Amazon Business

Before Starting an Amazon Business By DAVID ORRO Starting an Amazon business can be a life changing and lucrative venture. It can provide you with the work/life balance you desire, a supplementary source of income or even replace your primary income

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Comparing FBA & SFP

Comparing FBA & SFP By DAVID ORRO Although both Fulfilment By Amazon (FBA) and Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP) benefit from the Amazon Prime program, they differ in many ways.  Every seller should carefully evaluate these differences and utilise the program

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International Amazon Sellers

International Amazon Sellers By DAVID ORRO Using the Amazon platform, sellers now have the ability to trade outside of their own countries. When selling on Amazon as an international seller, there are important requirements sellers must follow to ensure a

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Amazon Barcodes Explained

Amazon Barcodes Explained By DAVID ORRO Amazon uses barcodes to identify and track inventory throughout the fulfilment process. Every item sent to an Amazon fulfilment centre requires a barcode. When a seller is first exposed to Amazon barcodes, the different

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