Best Global fine dining restaurants Adelaide CBD for Dinner

Although Adelaide is known for its churches, it has also established a reputation for its excellent chefs and good eating. You should reserve a seat at one of these seven outstanding Adelaide restaurants if you’re new to the area or want to find a new favorite.

It goes without saying that we like exploring new restaurants around the state. There are constantly new places to explore that feature the superb, high-quality products that South Australia is so fortunate with.

All you need to do is make your choice since we’ve done the legwork and prepared a list of the most recent eateries to launch in Adelaide. Because, sometimes we don’t feel fancy, new cafés are also OK.

1. Parwana, an Afghan

If you haven’t visited this location yet, do yourself a favor and make a reservation right away. However, come with a party so you can put a large order and sample everything. The cuisine is incredible here, as is the amazing handmade ice cream flavored with rose and pistachio. Yes. This is something you must have.

2. Naaz Persian Cuisine

The family-run Persian restaurant Naaz on Pulteney will take you to a Persian world with its beautiful surroundings and tempting menu.

Omid Moghaddam and his wife, Mali Ershad, launched Naaz on Pulteney Street in February 2019.

The restaurant’s name, Naaz, which loosely translates to “extremely lovely,” is in honor of their daughter. Naaz on Pulteney is One of the best restaurants in Adelaide for dinner, well-designed and true to its name.

The restaurant’s back wall features a charming mural of Masouleh, the hometown of Omid’s grandparents, which instantly transports you to rural Iran.

The pair built the restaurant to honor their roots and introduce Adelaide to the authentic flavor of Rasht food.

3. Oostende’s Belgian Beer Café

We can’t wait to return and start consuming the great Belgian beers as soon as we get home. These guys also make incredible Belgian food, including enormous German hotdogs and enormous pots of mussels dressed with French flair. Assemble a hungry crowd.

4. Cliché Exhibition, French restaurant

We adore Cliché for its wonderful cuisine, incredibly interesting drinks, and laid-back environment. It is a restaurant and an art display combined. Here, we had the finest French mussels, steamed fish with swiss chard, slow-cooked beef cheek, and the most incredible lemon curd soufflé. We were indeed filled. However, we had no intention of leaving even a single mouthful of that soufflé behind. But why the additional champagne glass? That could have been a little excessive…

5. The Hahndorf Inn, German

In the center of Hahndorf, a bustling beer haus is filled with long tables and enormous steins. Even though we keep telling it, you must arrive hungry and without a full stomach since you won’t want to leave even the tiniest bit of sauerkraut behind when you leave. Do you dare try the Metre Long Riesen Hot Dog, also known as Australia’s largest German hot dog? We honor you!

6. Andre’s Cucina & Polenta Bar, Italian

OK, here’s what you must do: Request the “Menu Fisso” when making a reservation; it is an Italian FEAST, not simply a menu. Every single dish is incredibly delicious and worth the $62 per person asking price. To name our favorites would be to mention everything they offer under Menu Fisso, but if beef carpaccio drenched in balsamic vinegar and olive oil, soft and supple Carne (steak), crisp hand-cut potatoes, fried polenta chips, and handmade pasta make your mouth wet, then what are you waiting for?

7. Mamak Corner, Malaysian

Both Malaysian cuisine and Mamak Corner are the BEST. Plus, the price is absurdly low. This little shop offers our favorite frothy Teh Tarik (Malay for “pulled tea”) in scorching hot cups, which is a need. We often order the same thing every time we go there: a large meal of crispy fried mee Goreng, bowls of chicken, beef, or vegetable curry, and a platter of homemade roti with sweet curry sauces and sugar. A creamy, beany dessert that is a great way to cool yourself on a hot summer day is the Cendol (pronounced CHendol).

Just a quick reminder: Many of these spots become really busy, especially on the weekends, so if you’re eager to get your fill of food, make sure to call them and reserve a table beforehand.