Alaskan Mill or Bandsaw mill

It is often the case that when you are used to using just a Bandsaw mill you might not see the need for a chain sawmill, also known as an Alaskan mill. They see that more material is left behind after a cut, that it produces more waste and that cutting is a slower process. Using an Alaskan mill Australia is also harder on the saw than using a Bandsaw Mill. Using a chain sawmill does require more energy out into general maintenance of the chainsaw. But there are some advantages to be offered by a chain sawmill, so here is a look at what those are, and what tools you might consider keeping with it when you go to use it.

It comes down to technique and intended use!

What a lot of people fail to take into account though is that as they use the tool more their technique will improve and there will be less waste. Another fact is that with that improved technique because of the rigid guide bar it is great for straight and accurate cutting even using larger slabs of lumber. There are times when using a chain saw mill Australia loggers recommend makes better sense over the bandsaw. Here are times when a chainsaw mill over a bandsaw mill is a good choice;

  1. More affordable especially if building your own. This kind of mill is perfect for DIYers, hobbyists and people who might own a small amount of woodland and want something to clear some of it.
  2. You can be a lot more mobile with an Alaskan mill Australia than a bandsaw. If you spot a fallen tree you can take it out and plank it up and get the wood out of there in no time at all. When the area is restricted in terms of accessibility, there are steep hills and such this is ideal.
  3. If you have timber that is strangely shaped you can use a chainsaw mill to cut it, it is easier to cut curved and non-conforming shaped timber on this than a bandsaw.
  4. The great thing about these mills is they do not need heavy-duty skidding equipment so are better for the environment. Those leftovers that some mention can be left on the ground to give nutrients to the soil so it is not exactly wasted.

Taking the right tools when using your chainsaw mill

When using your chain saw mill Australia located or elsewhere there are some useful tools to have along with it. Here are a few ideas;

  • A milling chainsaw and attachment
  • Measuring tape
  • Clamping and ladder
  • Spacers
  • Mill kit that includes a scrench, wedges, hex key, drill (cordless), screws, spare chain and other things you might think of
  • Sharp axe
  • Water
  • Sharpening kit
  • Chain oil and fuel
  • Vegetable oil
  • Safety gear including goggles, gloves, ear plugs, boots, trousers and face shield
  • Tarp in case of rain
  • Small brush to clean around fuel and oil caps before a refill