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At Wise Guide, we are passionate about guiding aspiring entrepreneurs on their Amazon journey. We aim to provide a ‘one stop shop’ with all the resources required to create and grow a successful Amazon business.

We understand the market is flooded with misinformation and expensive programs which don’t clearly explain the process to sell on Amazon. This can be overwhelming when starting out for most aspiring sellers. Wise Guide was developed to simplify this process and provide insightful support.

As keen entrepreneurs ourselves, we have spent many years mastering the key skills required to be successful in the Amazon marketplace. We understand the challenges entrepreneurs face and ultimately want to support them in reaching their goals!

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David Orro is the Founder and Lead Consultant at Wise Guide. He is passionate about Amazon and all things Business. 

With a background in Business Consulting, Import/Export and Business Sales, David has naturally progressed into selling through Amazon and mentoring Amazon sellers.

He has immersed himself in the Amazon ecosystem over the past few years and believes that “Amazon FBA represents one of the best opportunities for entrepreneurs in the last decade”

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